The Scout Group was founded during September 1954 during a meeting at St. Mark Church hall. The first Boy Scout Master was Mr. Rogerson and Wolf Cub Mistresses were Mrs. Hext and Mrs. Cripps.In 1960, with a loan of £4,000 from the Scout Association, the Group purchased the piece of land in Headley Drive, which was quite remote and adjacent to what then was designated as a future cemetery site, however as it can now be seen the area was developed as housing.A cedar wood building was purchased and erected on the land. This building still remains, although in need of restoration and known as the 'top hut', is at present used for storage.In 1968 Taylor Woodrow Ltd donated one of their disused building site portable building and this was erected on site and being larger than the original 'top hut' the Group facilities were improved. During the 1960’s the Boy Scouts met at the Group's HQ but with the Wolf Cubs continuing to meeting at St. Mark Church hall, however following the completion and fitting out of the donated building the Cubs moved their meetings to the Group's HQ in 1972 which enabled all the members to become one unified Group but continuing the link with St. Mark Church as the sponsor.During the 1960s Group's numbers grew requiring the Wolf Cub section to be divided into two packs, named Greenwood and Downland. In 1968 The Scouting Association's review of Scouting was introduced and in accordance with the majority of Scouts the Group's uniform changed from Scout shorts and 'pork pie' hats to long trousers and berets, Boy Scouts were renamed to Scouts, Wolf Cubs to Cubs, Senior Scouts to Venture Scouts, plus the section leadership names were changed from Master/Mistresses to Leaders.During the 1960/80 period the Groups site, being remote from housing, was able to be used for small camping groups and outside activities but this has been restricted as houses have been built.In 1980 the Scout Association permitted girls to join Venture Scouts, and this has now developed where girls can join all the Scouting sections and the Group conforms to this requirement. In 1985 the Scout Association formed a new section Beaver Scouts and the Group started their Beaver section in 1986. Over the past years the Group has conformed to the Associations changes following ongoing reviews and these have resulted in the head wear, caps & berets, being dropped from the uniform and more recently changes in trouser colour from mushroom to blue, section age changes, Venture Scouts becoming Explorer Scouts and a Network Scout section being formed. Age, weather and vandalism took its toll on the Group's building and so in 2006 yet another second-hand building was acquired to replace the Taylor Woodrow building and this is the current 'Pine-Log' building.  This is the Group's past, the future depends on you.